A tiny shed in a big city

Looking past the shed toward BMCC

The shed with the wood awning to your right as you come down the S-curve stairway, like a spine poster in a chiropractor’s office, reminds me of “The Hobbit” movie. 

My back is to BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) where streams of brown, cream- and rich coffee-colored faces walk in and out of the brick building. A stiff wind greets me as I enter Washington Market Park. 

It is not trite to describe the pathway to the north as “serpentine.” It leads past a community garden to the left and then around to the playground to your right and then around again to the left and right and out to the northeast at Duane Street. I walk through here just to walk through here. On warmer days I have sat here just to sit here, and of course to look to the southwest at the towering Tudor Woolworth Building.

A tiny shed in a big city

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